Food Hygiene


For Expedition Leaders to have a basic knowledge of food hygiene


Expedition leaders will have the knowledge and skills:

  1. To prevent food contamination
  2. To ensure food is handled, prepared, stored and served as hygienically as possible

Course Content

Experience of group Aims & outcomes for the course.

Importance of food hygiene
Symptoms & treatment of food poisoning, Effects of food poisoning on an expedition, Legal responsibilities of company.

Bacterial contamination
What are bacteria and how do they grow.

Sources of food poisoning
Group to discuss sources of food poisoning & how it contaminates food.

Types of food poisoning bacteria
Main food poisoning bacteria & their sources  - salmonella, etc.

Prevention of food poisoning
Training of group & local crew/monitoring. Buying, storing and cooking food, Water sources & purification.

Kitchen and Cleaning
Layout of expedition kitchen, cleaning & storage, Cleaning, Waste disposal, Deterring pests.

Personal Hygiene
Personal hygiene of group/cooks/local staff, Reporting of illness, Toilets - where to site them.

Please Contact us for further details on expedition food hygiene training.

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